Florence L. Parkhurst

Gloucester Massachusetts in 1917,
died on Maui in 2007.

Oil on Canvas.

Portraits and Island Lifestyles.

Over 75 years.

Florence was a child art prodigy at age five and was already creating drawings amazing her piers. In grammar school, she was singled out by commercial artists Charles and Alice Beach Winter to study under them and they became Florence’s mentors. The Winter’s were famous commercial, portrait and landscape artists. The Winter’s wanted Florence to become a professional artist, while her parents guided her to being an Occupational Therapist, due to the depression times.

She continued painting in her spare time honing her gift as a portrait and still life artist. Searching for a style all her own was Florence’s next challenge and it took years to do so. It was not until she moved to Maui in the late sixties that she was able to find her unique style of painting while experiencing the Hawaiian Culture.

Florence created her own style that is colorful, abstract and simple that tells a story of the subject she is painting about. She first visualizes the scene and then waits for the message from God to tell the story. This combination of vision and message is what inspires Florence’s art pieces. Her love for the people of Hawaii talking story, dancing hula, singing and Hawaii’s floral landscapes is what Florence dedicated her life painting.



Studied Under:


  Boston Museum Art School Institute
Chicago Art Institute

Charles & Alice Beach Winters-Massachusetts
Tadashi Sato-Maui
Dick Nelson-Maui
Parashacti Gilchrist-Maui
Gloria Floss-Maui

Rockport Art Association- Massachusetts
Lahaina Art Society Board Member-Maui
Kihei Art Council President-Maui
Hui No’eau Visual Art Center Board Member-Maui

Maui County Mayor Art Exhibit
Lahaina Art Society
Kihei Art Council
Banking Intuitions on Maui
Restaurants on Maui
Hale Makua Maui
World Bromeliad Conference (First Place)
Maui Art & Creative People Book Cover